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In order to larger diffusion and discussion of his ideas the author applies his articles and reports published up to now.

1. Inspection and technical diagnosis of steel vertical cylindrical tanks
2. Determination of the efforts and define necessary section of the intermediate wind girders in the cylindrical vertical tanks
3. Steel vertical cylindrical tanks for oil and oil products storage with double bottom
4. Increase of the security of the steel tanks in exploitation
5. Influence of the intermediate stiffening girders upon the efforts in top angle
6. The repairing works of vertical joints which are executed as  lap joints
7. Openings in the shell without reinforcement with steel sheets
8. Contemporary trends in the steel tank construction 

9. Technical inspection of Aboveground Steel Tanks
10. Additional constructive solutions for single deck floating roofs in Aboveground Cylindrical Steel Tanks with large diameter.
11.  Determination of type of fixed roof

12. Dome roof of  Aboveground Steel Tank with 70000 m3 capacity
13. Reinforcing of temporary opening in shell of cylindrical tank
14. Research of  the behavior of roof single welded lap joints
15. Measuring of the building structures with SAP 2000
16. Stress in joint between shell and bottom in steel tanks with catching basin.
17. Width of annular bottom plates
18. Repairing works in riveted steel tank with 5000 m3 capacity
19. Necessary section of intermediate stiffening rings on shell of aboveground steel tanks
20. Investigation of structure of gasholder with 5000 m3 capacity, damaged during exploitation
21. Check of shell of cylindrical aboveground steel tanks for loss of stability
22. Increasing of seismic responsibility of steel tanks for "CCR"in NPP "Kozloduy"
23. Analytical and FEA design of steel domes with radial girders and circular elements
24. Design of self - supporting dome with radial girders and circular elements, roof of tank T016, La Reunion, France
25. Design problems of anchoring of aboveground steel tanks
26. Analytical research of the behavior of steel tanks with volume V=500 m3 and V=2000 m3 during the seismic influence
27. New contemporary structural decisions for gasholders
28. Design of self-supporting dome roofs
29. Specific features in design in footbridges, located between roofs of aboveground steel tanks
30. Conditions of the tanks in exploitation in which will be mounted aluminum floating roofs
31. Lateral - torsional buckling of steel beams
32. Forces in opened road steel structure of railroad bridge, determined analytically and numerically
33. Using of General Method of Standard EN 1993-1-1 to Design of Self-Supporting Cone roofs
34. Self-supporting Dome Roof on Tank with V = 70 000 m3 capacity. New approaches to design
35. Effective buckling lengths of compressed elements, determined by SAP 2000 and Robot Structural Analysis
36. Use of LBA-MNA methodology for determination of bearing capacity of compressed shells
37. Study of behaviour of single storey steel frames in seismic impact, according to Ordinance NРД-02-20-2 and БДС EN 1998-1
38. Using of General method for determining bearing capacity of domes with radial girders and circular elements on circular base, with different stiffening
39. Vertical stiffeners and internal pressure - influencing factors on distribution of meridional stresses in steel silos on discrete supports
40. Some specific features of design of steel silo with capacity V = 110 m3
41.  Influence of intermediate rings and height of skirt on effective width of compression zone in junction column - cylindrical shell of steel silo
42. Influence of anchor bolts on stresses in base plates
43.  Influencing factors on effective width of compressed zone  in joint column - cylindrical shell of steel silo
44. Place of load's application on the cylindrical body - does it have an influence on distribution of normal stresses within it
45. Necessary height of the vertical stiffeners in steel silos on discrete supports
46. Arch effect in silos on discrete supports - It is a myth or reality?
47. Steel domes with radial girders and cyrcular elements on circular base. How to design them
48. Numerical analysis of vertical steel storage tanks in ANSYS Workbench and ANSYS Mechanical APDL
49. Typical Damage in Steel Storage Tanks in Operation
50. Anchoring of the Steel Vertical Cylindrical Tanks. Possibility of Increasing of the Bearing Capacity
51. Influence of Columns of Supported Cone Roofs on Natural Frequencies of Stored Liquid
52. Necessary Height of the Ring Beams in the Steel Silos on Discrete Supports. Another Approach for its Determination
53. Wind Loads on Roofs on Circular Base
54. Equivalent Nosing Force for a Steel Railway Bridge, Based on "in situ" Measurements
55. Wind Loads on Girder Bridges
56. Influence of the Geometrical Imperfections in the Cylindrical Steel Shells, Loaded by Axial Compression
57. Influence of the Roof Structure on the Forces in Top Angle under Wind Loading
58. Experimental Determination of Values of the Nosing Forces in a Steel Railway Bridge

At the present time Dr. Lyubomir Zdravkov has written and published handbooks about design of steel structures as follow:
1. Introduction in design of aboveground cylindrical steel tanks, UACEG, 2008
2. Aboveground steel tanks. Handbook to design according to Eurocodes, UACEG, 2011
3. Railway steel bridges with a opened road structure,
First Edition, PDF format. Sofia, 2015
4. Single storey buildings with a steel structure, First Edition, PDF format. Sofia, 2016
5. Composite steel – reinforcing concrete railway bridges, First Edition, PDF format. Sofia, 2018
6. Steel sheet structures, First Edition, PDF format. Sofia, 2019.