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Stiffening of membrane of single deck floating roof

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  1. The type of  foundation construction depends on size and function of AST, bearing capacity of soil, level of underground water, need of anchorage and possibility of owner.

  2. Tanks with double bottom. They are constructed on purpose to prevent the pollution on the soil when one bottom is punctured.

  3. Tanks with double steel shell.  They are applied when:
    - the available area is not very large and it is impossible to construct
    earth or concrete catching basin;
    - very expensive area
    , when it is cheaper to construct second shell;
    in order to decrease all kinds of outpouring and pollutions if there is leak in the shell.

  4. Tank with fixed roof. They are applied when they store the products which are not volatile and/or the tanks themselves have the small and medium sized volumes. The roofs can be of the following kinds:
    a) Self-supporting roof:
    - cone roof - they are economical when the volumes are up to 2 000 m3
    - dome roof - they are economical when the volumes are bigger than 2 000 m3. Steel dome roof could be applied when the volumes are up to 70 000  m3 ( diameter D < 65 m ).
    b) Supported roof
    - cone roof – they can be applied in all existing volumes of the tanks;

    - hanging roof - they are  still experimental.

  5. Tanks with floating roof. They are applied when store volatile products and/or the tanks themselves have big volumes, and the using of the fixed roof increases the weight of the used material.
    On the other side the floating roofs are different types:
    a) according to their position:
    - external floating roof - when the tanks are open on the top;
    - internal floating roof -
    when they are erected inside in the tank with fixed roof.
    b) according to their construction:
    - single deck floating roof;
    - double deck floating roof.